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Training Course - Smoke in the forest

Training Course - “Smoke in the forest” 23rd – 30th August, 2023
Puente Genil, Spain

In the heart of picturesque Puente Genil, Spain, a transformative initiative is set to take place from August 23rd to August 30th, 2023. The "Smoke in the Forest" Training Course is an empowering project aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of youth workers to effectively prevent addiction among young people. Addiction is a complex and pervasive issue affecting society at large, and the "Smoke in the Forest" project seeks to address it comprehensively.

Project Objectives: A Roadmap for Change

The project's objectives are designed to provide a structured and holistic approach to addiction prevention. The specific goals set for this project encompass a wide range of key aspects, including:

  1. Understanding Drug and Addiction Concepts: Participants will delve into the world of drugs and addiction, gaining essential knowledge to tackle the issue effectively.

  2. Recognizing Societal Impacts: It's not just a personal issue; addiction affects entire communities. This project aims to create awareness among participants about the broader societal implications of addiction.

  3. Understanding Drug Mechanisms: An in-depth look into the workings of different drugs will equip youth workers with the knowledge needed for prevention efforts.

  4. Identifying Risk and Protective Factors: The development of addiction is influenced by a multitude of factors. Understanding these is crucial for effective prevention.

  5. Personal History Analysis: Participants will engage in introspective analysis to comprehend how their own life experiences relate to the risk and protective factors associated with addiction.

  6. Role of Public Administration: This project explores the role of public administration in the fight against addiction, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts.

  7. Insight into Therapeutic Communities: An in-depth look into the operation of therapeutic communities and the role of private initiatives in addiction prevention.

  8. Cultural Awareness: Acknowledging the cultural links to drug use and addiction, the project encourages participants to explore the diverse realities of their respective countries.

  9. Intervention Methods: Various intervention strategies will be discussed, encompassing both prevention and harm reduction measures.

  10. Youth-Focused Activities: A critical aspect of the project involves developing activities that assist young people in the fight against addiction, including risk prevention, early detection, and intervention.

The "Smoke in the Forest" Training Course is a testament to the commitment of youth workers and organizations to making a positive change in the lives of young people and society as a whole. Association Focus is honored to be a part of this transformative project, and it is our hope that the knowledge, skills, and experiences gained through this initiative will lead to a brighter future for the youth we serve. Together, we can combat addiction and empower the next generation to make healthier choices.