Friday, 02 February 2024 15:42

Empowering Roma Youth: A Journey of Transformation and Collaboration

The Association "Focus - European Center for Development" is proud to share the ongoing success of its transformative project, "Courage to Change - 9 Steps Guide on Working with Roma Youngsters." This initiative has been a dynamic exploration of innovative approaches to engage and support Roma youth, with the dedicated team of youth workers playing a pivotal role.

International Training Courses: The journey began with a crucial training course in Milcoveni, Caras-Severin, Romania, held from July 1 to 9, 2023. The team immersed themselves in the "Courage to Change" program, gaining invaluable insights and skills to effectively work with Roma youngsters. Now, the project enters its final phase in Silivri, Turkey, where a seminar from February 1 to 6, 2024, serves as a platform to share best practices and showcase the implementation of the guide.

Practical Implementation: From July to December, the knowledge acquired during the training in Romania was put into action. A project unfolded in a primary school within the Roma community, demonstrating a hands-on application of the skills and information gained. The team engaged in various activities and workshops, emphasizing the "Courage to Change" principles in real-life scenarios.

Benefits to the Association "Focus - European Center for Development": The impact of this project has been profound for our organization. By actively participating in the training courses and implementing projects, we have expanded our expertise in working with marginalized communities. This initiative has strengthened our commitment to social integration, youth development, and fostering positive change within communities.

Benefits to Youth Workers: For our dedicated team of youth workers, the project has been a transformative learning experience. They have honed their skills, gained practical insights, and broadened their cultural competencies. The international collaboration and exposure to diverse methodologies have enriched their professional development, making them more effective advocates for positive change.

Benefits to the Roma Community: At the heart of this initiative is the Roma community itself. Through the implementation of the "Courage to Change" guide, we witnessed tangible improvements in the lives of Roma youngsters. The project facilitated better communication, increased access to education, and enhanced opportunities for personal and social development within the community.

Moving Forward: As we conclude this chapter, the Association "Focus - European Center for Development" remains committed to driving positive change. The experiences gained from this project will inform future endeavors, ensuring that our mission to create inclusive and supportive environments for marginalized communities continues to flourish.

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