About US

The Focus- European Centre for Development is a non profit association located in Pazardjik (BG) and it is registered according to the decision of the District Court of the city.

The members of the association are specialists/experts and public figures united around the ideas of promoting people’s right to live in a supportive environment, involving youth in public life and strengthening principles of  civic responsibility and democracy.
Focus’s range of action covers Pazardjik area and it is guided by a steering committee.

1.To create a European community of pupils, teachers and parents that will support the social integration and professional development of adolescents;
2. To cooperate with local authorities in implementing trainings and experiments concerning different social issues on the basis of public interest;
3. To promote solidarity and tolerance among the local public in order to stimulate social cohesion in the European Union;
4. To encourage participation of all citizens in social life and to strengthen the links between local groups, schools, businesses and the Municipality;
5. To involve the youth in activities of personal and social development;
7. To provide activities and organize events aimed at restoring and improving the quality of environment
8. To improve the wellbeing of persons with disabilities, acceptance by their families, and socializing amongst their peers, colleagues, friends, and community in which they live;
9 To establish an environment in which the youth with disabilities can be involved in activities aimed at their future development;
10. to prevent negative social phenomena, such as crime, violent behaviour, drug addiction, prostitution and xenophobia, from spreading amongst the youth;

All the objectives of Focus Association are discussed by a team of specialists and other members of the association, such as teachers, psychologists, social workers, therapists, computer specialists, graphic designers, parents and other members of the community. All  work together towards public welfare in cooperation with the local authorities of Pazardjik.
The Target group of the Focus Association includes Bulgarian non profit organizations (NGOs) (operating in all the different areas of the social sector), professionals  of education, organizations and institutions working with children with special educational needs (disabled children or children without parental care), schools, kindergartens and NGOs from other parts of the world willing to partner with Bulgarian organizations. This target group also includes teachers, specialists, parents, young people, people with disabilities and other citizens supporting the mission of the association.

All the objectives of the Association “Focus - European Center for Development” are being discussed by a team of specialists, by the members of the association - teachers, psychologists, social workers, therapeutist, computer specialists, graphic designers,  parents, public. All the members work together on the same cause of public welfare and cooperate with local authorities and several offices in the territory of Pazardjik.

Target group:
Target group with which the Association “Focus - European Center for Development” works include Bulgarian non-profit organizations (NGOs) operating in each of the areas of social sector, education and NGOs from other parts of the world, willing to cooperate with Bulgaria. Organizations and institutions working with children with special educational needs, disabled, children without parental care, and mainstream schools and kindergartens. Teachers, specialists, parents, supporters, youth, persons with disabilities, public and other citizens supporting the mission of the Association.