Monday, 04 September 2023 11:30

Проект - Long Live the Village /Румъния 01.09-11.09.2023

370696186 302592495654470 5707558811710720176 nСдружение Фокус изпрати младежи, за да вземат участие в младежки обмен Long Live the Village в Румъния. Посрещаща организация Asociaţia BMN. Период на проекта – 1.09.2023-11.09.2023. Long Live the Village is a Youth Exchange that aims to educate young people about the opportunities that rural areas offer. Furthermore, we aim to achieve this by deepening our understanding of the environment and how humans can live in harmony with nature.
In order to achieve this we will:
1.Generate an extensive non-formal education framework for the 40 participants, in order to eliminate stereotypes towards the rural environment and to raise awareness of the opportunities it offers: food and air quality, opportunities to create a business, preserving local heritage and so on.
2. Involve all the participants in the preparation and development of practical activities ( debates, workshops, study visits, ideas regarding problem solving ),
3. Increase our participants' knowledge regarding the developments in the agricultural field, sustainable tourism, aquatic and forestry leading to awareness of the real importance of food, entrepreneurial possibilities in rural areas and environmental protection.
4. Create a tool dedicated to increasing the visibility of the project: a written resolution on a set of solutions to common problems.
5. Try to illustrate the benefits that digitalization can have in promoting and building jobs in rural areas, materialized by creating a video of the resolution dedicated to the general public.



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