Tuesday, 12 November 2019 18:22

EVS journey with great excitement in Pazardzhik

By Arusyak Stepanyan

Hey everybody, my name is Arus, I’m 23 years old and now I am going to tell you my story of EVS.
Just 1 year ago I was studying Master’s degree, but I was also confused what I really want to do in my life. When I knew about the project I didn’t hesitate to apply for. Everything was very fast and I didn’t even realise how I appeared in Bulgaria in a few weeks.

I started my EVS journey with great excitement in Pazardzhik. Before when I didn't know what expect from this year, I was thinking it's something that every youngster should try in the life. Now I am sure of that. During this one year I worked with disable people, an experience that I had never had in my life before. It was one of the things that I really liked. The feeling that you could help people who need it is awesome. In our project we also worked in the Roma school with children. As my personal project I started to work in the Armenian-Bulgarian school in Plovdiv. I used to teach Armenian language lessons once in a week. After while I started to teach Armenian dance choreography to the school children. So, I gained the first experience as dance teacher. Formerly I was dancing Armenian dance for 10 years, but I had never had opportunity to be a dance teacher.

During this period I discovered a lot of new things for me, I had achievements which are very valuable for me, memories that I will keep all my life. I got to know different cuisines, different lifestyles, different habits and customs.I have been successful in communicating with others, because I understood even if we don't have the same culture we can support each other in difficult situations, to be close friends, understand each other, to be tolerant and earn very strong connection. I have done a lot of trips with my flatmates. We visited more than 25 cities inside of Bulgaria, 2 cities in Romania. I also had trips to Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain and Italy. The solo trips were great experiences for me. Learning new languages was another achievement. Except that I improved my English, I also learned Bulgarian and started to learn Spanish by myself. We also had training courses and youth exchanges during the project. Thanks to all this I expanded my outlook and grew both personally and professionally.