Monday, 12 June 2017 18:03

Every Ending is Always a New Beginning

by Silvia Trapiella Lopez

And the day came to put an end to this wonderful year. If I have to be honest I had started writing this article a month ago ... but it was supposed to be another step towards the end ... so as always at the last minute I do it.  It is very difficult to summarize in a few words all the experiences, emotions and feelings experienced in a normal year, so a year of Evs will not be easy, but neither will it be impossible, so let's go there!I do not know where to start, but I remember the first day as if it were yesterday, those nerves of how everything would be, the apartment, the city, the flatmates, the project ... etc.

The firsts months are of adaptation, I didn’t know if I was at home or not, there were nights when I woke up and I did not know where I was. With the arrival of Christmas I returned to Spain and being there I missed Pazardzhik, it was when I began to understand that Bulgaria was beginning to be my home and my colleagues passed to be my second family. At first, saying that you leave home for a year seems like a long time, but this one runs so fast that you do not realize, until one day, you get out of bed and have already lived about eleven months of the project, that day like today. Without a doubt it has been the best decision I have made in my life, I still remember when I discovered that it was Evs, I could not believe that a program existed as such and I unknowingly, (free for free), destiny had it saved for the best time of my life.A year of first times, the first time I shared an apartment with amazing partners who are part of my friends, first time I travel as much as, every month I went somewhere, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Hungry, Serbia…. first time I got to be myself (this took me a while), first time I had a conversation in English for more than two minutes (without dying in the attempt), the first time I shared laughter with people from five different countries, the first time that I started to understand jokes (this make me very happy , but is better if you don’t try, trust me) the first time I tried Turkish cookies (I was traumatized by how delicious it is:)if someone want to make me happy present me Turkish biscuits haha) .... And I could continue writing many of my first times all day, but if not, I will not finish today, so I'll summarize my Evs based on the first times they have been unique and now they are part of me.

This year has helped me not only in the basics I had been looking for, but also in my professional experience and fluency in English. But it has helped me grow, mature and know myself and I love it and I will not change for anything or anyone. (I have changed so much that they even gave me a book! My mother is proud of my hahaha). There is a phrase that says "I know the kind of person you would like to know". Just do it, the rest does not matter, you cannot have a good relation with everybody. At this point, it is time to close this stage, full of hope, unique and unforgettable moments and wonderful people. I could never have imagined a better Evs, since not only have I experienced it, but I have felt it, now I have another family, my family of Evs