Monday, 12 June 2017 17:59

Understand To learn more… EVS

by Héloise Chfray

23th of September 2018, Pazardjik, Bulgaria,time of thinking and leaving…
After one year of EVS, i realize that when a door is closing, an other is opening. EVS is the door in your life that if you decide to open can change your life : I did it and my life will be never the same.
Volunteering is something extremely simple. You stop to don’ t just look yourself but everywhere around you. It is not necessary to know everything ,  to bring too much informations because  you will forget the meaning of EVS.

Without skills in social working,  without experiences with disabled people, without managing children in the school , EVS shows me that when you want help people,  the most important in the volunteering is the will wthat you put to realize something good with them, for them.
One year ago, from France, i brought a lot motivation without specific expectations. Today , it is not just one relation between motivation and expectations it is more. I understood  that whatever the reason i wanted to do my  EVS, i learnt a lot about the life in general  and some senses that  we want sometimes to put behind the word « Life".
EVS is one project but also one team with other volunteers from different countries, from different cultures. During this year,it was a true melting pot of exchanges,way of life, food, sharing, laughing, conversations. The project is the same for all of us, but each of us bring something different. I liked it these sharings. By this way, i discovered how thinking without stereotypes, prejudices but with understanding and more tolerance.

When i decided to don’ t just participate for one EVS but live it, i learnt that nothing is impossible when you have the will. Although EVS , i discovered a warming  country, Bulgaria. For my first time living abroad, i wanted To move out my comfort zone and explore this country , its citizens without know the language, the society. It was a real success and the beginning of many travels around and out of Bulgaria.  On the road ,  i understood   that meeting people, enjoying present moments are simple things of the life but are the best.

EVS was not just an European Voluntary Service it was one year full of adventures, challenges, meetings, first times,improvisation, adaptation, flexibility
If i have to describe this experience by 3 words, i will say it was « a travel of life »...
I am closing this first door with  amazing memories, any regrets and proud to have in my life this human experience. I am opening the next thanks to the previous…