Wednesday, 12 July 2017 17:54


6 months/ From France to Pazardjik, Bulgaria

One day I did the choice to have an unique experience and like this have the opportunity to change my life, I found this chance in my EVS in Focus organisation. Six month ago, I arrived in Bulgaria with a lot of hope and fears, and I had only one desire, to make progress in everything: in languages, in communication and confidence in myself. The thing who scared me when I arrived was the language barrier that I thought I could not cross it, but thanks to Bulgarian courses, that all long-terms had the chance to follow, we were able to communicate with he guest, while using mainly simple words but enough to understand and understand each other.

The Bulgarian langage was not the only language that was problematic for me, English was also a personal challenge. I had never used it in another context than the school context, but by practicing it every day and mainly with my flatmates, I have made many progress that will surely be useful for me in my future studies. This experience was more than what I expected, I discovered what it was to work with people with disabilities. Before, I never had any skills in this field, but by perseverance I discovered that by giving all his energy and all that good humor to people who do not expect anything more from you, they give you hundredfold and fill you with an unsuspected joy. In the Daily center, everybody works in his way, with his strength and his weakness, but by transforming this into assets to make progress a little more each day. My EVS also allowed me to understand what I wanted for my future by being in contact with volunteers and guests or by traveling and meeting people during my various trips, because yes we can travel and do an EVS in the same time. I had this opportunity to travel in my hosting country but also in the countries that are around it. During my travel I learned a lot about the culture of the country in which I resided, and I understood by speaking with these habitants how much I had only partial visions of the world around me, and how important it is to open ourselves to cultures that are unknown to us. I am enormously grateful for this chance I had and I advice all those who would still hesitate not to miss this opportunity which does not present it twice. See you soon Bulgaria, because yes, one day I will come back and I am sure that I will learn a lot again.

Léonie Briendo / France