Sunday, 12 June 2016 17:48


12 months EVS / From Italy to Pazardjik, Bulgaria

Do your EVS. This is my advice after finish mine. I can try to say everything about my experience here in Bulgaria, 12 month in Pazardjik. But it will not be enough to understand me. I arrived here without know english, with a lot of fears and expectations. I was so nervous in the begining and I only wanted do two things: work and improve my english. But in the end I did one hundred things! This country gave me so many chances and if I wanted to take all I had to change. One of the more important things that I did in the beginning was to take my shyness. and after I started doing everything that made me curious.

I made great friendships with so many people of so many different countries, I have attended many training course, I traveled to bulgaria and out hitchhiking, I was able to assert my ideas, I also worked in areas where I thought not being able. It have been 12 full months with many ups and downs and surprises. I ended up in hospital and they operated on me. But the biggest surprise, and the most beautiful, is that I found love. A beautiful Turkish girl. With her we traveled a lot, past many beautiful experiences and moments. And for the first time I have a relationship at distances (something that I never thought to have and want). So I can confirm that one year of evs will change your life.