Saturday, 11 June 2016 18:20

I didn't know what should I expect

9 months EVS/ From Poland to Pazardjik, Bulgaria

By the time anyone will read this, my nine months EVS in Pazardzhik are going to be finished. So it's time to summarise this amazing time. When I came to Pazardzhik I didn't know what should I expect, what to do in my life and I had no idea how to survive those months! And yet, here I am, few days before departure... Completely different person with an idea for life, ready to be crazy, open minded, travel more, discover... It's almost impossible to write all those things that I have learnt here, but I can write the most important ones. Everybody know what is our work as volunteers – daily center. When I think about it, I realise that, working there is just a background for discovering things about myself that I didn't know (or even though about) before. I've met hundreds of crazy people from different countries.

Thanks to them I could learn about their culture, music, history, cuisine etc. Some of them were more important than the others but all of them brought something valuable to my life and understanding of reality that surround us. I have learnt a countless number of things about Bulgaria and its' culture. I started to travel a lot, learn by practices, not by schools (I fall in love in it). I've realised, what I want to do in my life – my perspective changed for 180degrees. I've got new plans, ideas, dreams and endless energy to make them true. All I need is a little bit of time and space! ;) As I said on my goodbye party, I'd got few of first times, during my EVS... First visit abroad, first hitch-hike, first time to see and live so close to the mountains, first cultural shock... Now the time has come to start second times with new adventures and people. But... If you managed to get so far, please let me give you, small advice. Don't hesitate, do your EVS, enjoy every minute of this experience. You will have only one chance in your life! ;)

Edyta Heitemeyer