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JOB Shadowing - Thailand

JOB Shadowing - Thailand

By Ivaylo Ivanov

I am Ivo from association Focus – European Center for Development and I was a job-shadower in Songkhla Thailand. I spent 3 weeks there observing working process in Asian reality. My proje ct included work in a zoo, universities and temples, teaching English at a school. This was probably the most interesting and useful project in my life, because I became familiar with a completely different culture and I discovered new working approaches. I saw how many responsibilities NGOs in Thailand have and how many serious they solve because the government is not able to do it.

I was happy to meet a lot of nice people and to share amazing moments together. We were pleased to discover the famous Thai nature, sometimes dangerous /especially the fauna/ but still breathtaking. We enjoyed the beaches and never ending summer.

I spent many nights out enjoying the restaurants with amazing food and listening to different kinds of Thai music. I was surprised to discover  that in Thailand everything needs to be shared – if you are out with a friend, you cannot order 2 beers at the same time, you have to order one and share it and after you can order another one that must be shared again. I can speak hours about the Thai food – it is amazing – of course they eat rice instead of bread on every meal and use a lot of soy sauce.
The other important thing I discovered about Thailand is that Thai people are very religious, you can see temples everywhere. The monks are respected from everybody and an influential part of the society.
I strongly recommend visiting this amazing country and I wish I can have the chance to go there again.