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From Thailand to Bulgaria

My experience as a volunteer in Focus.

Jump from Thailand to Bulgaria

by Nontasit Krongsanan

I am from Thailand and 20 years, came to Bulgaria as a volunteer for 3 months period, I have been studying in university, but I decided to drop a semester to do something differently, then I was searching on Google as a simple word “What to do”, afterward I found volunteer organization in Thailand, they have several connection with long-term volunteer’s activity.
In the first place, I had 3 choices, Italy, Romania, and Bulgaria, then I would have asked my German friend a recommendation, He told me Bulgaria is the best choice to go, another reason, Thai people do not know about Bulgaria, There is only a thing they know is Yogurt, after a month, I got visa, unfortunately, It was just issued for 3 months for being there.

When I had arrived to Bulgaria, I got an interview from boarder polices for 20 minutes, unfortunate.
After the day I got in to Parzadzik city, the city is completely peaceful and quite. I had a trip around city, my flat mate brought me to church, park, and another unique places. I got many helps from Ivo, and David, because It was totally difficult to be adapted.
In the first month, I had been adapting myself with work and routine, I work together with another volunteers and social workers at center of disable people, It was too hard work, because we can not communicate to each other well, another reasons I can not even speak Bulgarian as a single sentence.
Day by day, I have learned how to communicate with them, I just need to remember their body language, and I was enjoyed with people, we played board game, card game, ball, paint, and etc.
In the second month, I wanted to go back home badly, because everything was not going well enough as It was supposed to, but in the last week, I found many ways to enjoy by being in Bulgaria, I met new friends from many countries, We went to travel together, we had party, we had much fun, eventually I decided to keep staying.
So far, I am happy that my decision was right, I got more and more exciting experiences on the last month, I have learned how to cook kind of international food, from my flat mate.