Friday, 11 September 2015 18:00


My internship in Focus

Hi my name is Flavio, I would like to share in this letter my personal experience and thoughts as my internship in Pazardjik, Bulgaria is now over. It was a great experience since the 3rd of August, when I arrived in Sophia, a great city I´ve never been before. Anyway, found the way in the train station and took the first train to Pazardjik. It reminded me of Albania because of slow but friendship-building trains. It was a Bulgarian guy who I met, that helped me to reach the center of the city from the train station with bus. So, after that I met other generous and friendly people who directed me to the house I remember having one of the best month. An experience, the first one, never to forget!

I first met Francesko, my roommate and friend which I shared a lot of moments and conversations. He was from Napoli (Naples) and as warm as this city which I´ve known only by chitchats back in my country, wich resembles a lot to Naples. At the first moment, I met him between my first hours in Pazardjik and left him at my last hours in there. Anyway we didn´t stay woo much together, because of his choice to have some vacations back home. Also absolutely not to forget was the meeting with David baba (as he was called by another friend, Ali) and later with his girlfriend. David and Paola introduced me with the city and the important places in Pazardjik. Back home were also two other great guys, as my definition of great resembles to the good hearted and politely-behaved, smart boys. They were nearly my age and they names were Furkan and Kadir. This two boys are my first friends and maybe the best from Turkey. With Kadir, I stayed less because he was in a trip with his girl, which I met at my ending days of internship. But it was enough to share a lot with him and it was enough to call the relation -a friendship- and a very good one. With Furkan I stayed for nearly all my days in Pazardjik. So we had a lot of time to make  conversations and understand each other. Honestly and without taking the rest out of picture, Francesko and Furkan were the best friendship of this experience, because of the time and share between us. But without forgetting Başak. This cute, "little russian", as I called her upon she told me her far origin from Russia, blu-eyed, hardheaded, good-hearted and wholeheartedly sincere girl from the best city in the world, Ankara. I really love this kind of typology. This was the combination which made me so curious as a person and psychologist to discover and cherish. Because she was really honest and great. Was really amazing knowing her and i really value her a lot as her persona was to be valued. Pınar and Ali, cousins from Ankara, Turkey, there were also a great remembrance. Together with Andrea and Marco, two guys from Italy, from another organization but who were friends and guests to "our house" were the completing part of a great picture of memory. A memory of Decathlon and Sophia trip, with Ali, Pınar and Başak, a memory of Plovdiv with Italian Guys and Francesko, Turkish Father and son. A memory of always-smile Roberta "the strict housechecker" with the great caring heart for the special persons in need, which for sure must be an inspiration for me. A great memory of sharing lunch and dinners, of washing and cleaning in working groups and of living under the same welcoming roof in a warm city like Pazardjik. All this, possible to a man and his attemp to build a youth organization with a clear aim to help the youth like me, master themselves and skills. Special Thanks to, Maria Sefterska and Ivaylo Ivanov which made possible for me to reach this intership, that helped me more than enough. Thank you all, Boys and Girls who made my stay in there a great journey of experience and feelings shared with great moments. Thank you Francesko, Furkan, Başak, Kadir, Roberta, Pınar and Ali, David, Maria, Ivo, Dimi and Boris, Şukru, Andrea and Marco. Flavio Dibra will always be thankfull to you all !