Friday, 11 July 2014 17:58



Hello my name is Roberta, after months in Pazardjik ,I have the chance to write something which is difficult, but I'll try to give my testimony of this extraordinary experience of mine to everyone. Pazardjik is a small sparkling city in the heart of Bulgaria, charming and full of energy, smelling of smoke from the chimneys in the winter. There are things to do there and are something for all tastes; Cultural life in nearby Sofia, excursions, nightlife, Sunday walks in the park, concerts. Fear and excitement: the mixture that has accompanied me during my experience. The fear that often blocks the ability to get out there where we live making us put roots in our certainties, preventing to see what is outside the routine. The excitement, the desire to know.

During the EVS are alone and you're not and you're not ever, you find yourself in front of yourself, to reconstruct you, to fight, to cry, to feel melancholy, to be afraid; offset by a subsequent and strong dose of security, a sense of fullness and joy. A world that opens. The fears, the prejudices that gradually dissolve: what I experienced. Random encounters with strangers, faces not see again 'never again, conversations that have enriched me. Friendships established in diversity. Love gone, new loves, loves never declared. Greater awareness of myself and of my roots. A conglomeration of things that made me think, enjoy, experience, in short, to live. The strength to run under the sun, to walk in the rain without an umbrella, to sing at night on the way to the hotel during a training course, not their known songs out loud, to improvise to speak perfectly Bulgarian to ask questions or to imitate the chicken to make it clear to the girl in the supermarket want eggs. The Daily Center I worked with people with disabilities who have become my family. I learned basic aspects of culture Bulgarian office of diversity and richness. The fundamental aspect of EVS during my adventure I have never forgotten, and that is a great opportunity to come into direct contact with another culture, learn the language and engage with the local people. I think the curiosity for knowledge was the main reason that prompted me to leave and to consider this opportunity as a time of personal growth. I don't deny that there have been difficult moments and at times I thought I would not make it but at the end of the adventure, I can only say that i had made the best choice. This experience has helped me to improve my skills, to travel discovering places that I never thought to visit, has enriched my heart and opened my mind, listening to the stories, thoughts and desires of the people encountered but mostly gave me opportunity to meet people I have been close in less happy moments as true friends, who have heard me and ı supported during my countless tears. Thanks to Ivo and his family for making me feel at home as one of them, Petko incomparable and wise friend for his advices, to Maria and Dimi, my irreplaceable friends, David, my good brother durıng my adventure. Thanks to all the volunteers that I met in this long trıp, for making this experience unforgettable.