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From Cankkale to Pazardjik - EVS for 2 months!

From Cankkale to Pazardjik - EVS for 2 months!
by Onur Dura

Hı! My name is Onur Duran and I am 24 years old. I am from Cankkale. I have graduated from Uludag University and the department of advertising. I am a volunteer. I took part in many project before coming to Bulgaria. I am a person who loves to help people.I was really glad when I learned that I accepted the project. During two months I recognize a new country,new cultures and new friends.My trip started really funny. When I got on the plane at the Atatürk AirPort in İstanbul,the weather was so good (this was my first plane trip). There were twenty degrees. Subsequently, pilot made announ cements while aircraft landing in passing that Sofia is snowy and minus one degrees. My life might be change like that at one hour!

When we got off from the plane in Sofia, Maria greeted us who helped a lot and we came Pazardjik, although it was difficult. Pazardjik is a really little but pleasant city. Getting oriented in here took up little bit time because of the different country, foods and humans. But, there is no person after 7 p.m in streets that is a new one on me. Like a ghost city!  Anyway I met my new friends then. All of them are really sincere and good people.My willing work began in daily center after horary relaxation. I have worked with the handicapped already but this time is different because of the foreign language and the number of the handicapped. They were so cute and clever. I drew pictures, traveled, played football with them and also I helped for their eatings. Voluntariness gave me peace. I figured it out that their smiling is the most valuable thing in the world.
In addition, I traveled other cities and countries such as; Varna, Plovdiv, Burgaz, Nessebar in Bulgaria. However, I think Varna is the best in the inside which is my favorite, because it reminds me my city. I went on a Balkan excursion close to return. I traveled Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, and Macedonia. We made parties and cultural nights such as Italia, Nigeria, Nepal, Argentina and Paraguay nights in Pazardjik. Hereby, I recognize these cultures.
Yes, after enjoyable two months, I have to come back to Turkey in Çanakkale. It was really nice memories. Pazardjik always have an important place in my life. I will miss Pazardjik, because I had unforgettable memories with gorgeous friends in here.
That is not a valedictory. I am sure about that I will see you again.
In conclusion, really thanks a lot to my association and Ivaylo Ivanov.
Really nice to meet you.