EVS « Take opportunities »

by Estelle Berthelot

One year ago I was starting this EVS project in Pazardjik and the organisation was asking us “What is your motor?” -“Take opportunities” was my answer and if I had to answer the same question today again, I would say the same, adding that Life is discoveries, joy, a mixture of feelings, beautiful coincidences but mostly - life is you and what you do with it. I will always remember what Ivo told us during the first meeting : “I open a doors for you, it's up to you to cross them or not”. And it's true. We were  a lot of volunteers starting in the same time for the same project with the same conditions but each of us have lived a totally different experience because all of us were coming for different reasons. After all working all together for the happiness of this lovely people who were giving us much more that what we were giving to them.

EVS project "MEGAVOLUNTEERS '18" in Tarragona, Spain.

През юни 3-ма младежи от България участваха като ЕДС (Европейска Доброволческа служба) доброволци в проекта "MEGAVOLUNTEERS '18" в Тарагона, Испания. Отговорностите на доброволците бяха да подпомогнат организирането на средиземноморските игри в Тарагона. Средиземноморските игри събират няколко държави в спортен конкурс, свързващ Азия, Африка и Европа, имащи за цел да насърчават интеграцията между геополитическото и културно наследство. Това е международно събитие - момент за опознаване на европейските ценности, междукултурно разбиране, толерантност, анти-расизъм, човешки права, интеграция, равенството между половете и много други. Доброволците бяха насърчени да упражняват това чрез доброволчеството, но също така и да бъдат посланици на тези ценности, тъй като те представляват Европа и Африка на това събитие.

6 months/ From France to Pazardjik, Bulgaria

One day I did the choice to have an unique experience and like this have the opportunity to change my life, I found this chance in my EVS in Focus organisation. Six month ago, I arrived in Bulgaria with a lot of hope and fears, and I had only one desire, to make progress in everything: in languages, in communication and confidence in myself. The thing who scared me when I arrived was the language barrier that I thought I could not cross it, but thanks to Bulgarian courses, that all long-terms had the chance to follow, we were able to communicate with he guest, while using mainly simple words but enough to understand and understand each other.

6 months/ From France to Pazardjik, Bulgaria

I arrived in october 2016 for an EVS of 6 months which is now finished. I had started this experience with the desire to put myself to the test, to make discoveries and to become rich in a human point of view. I’m not disappointed! My volunteering was a real chance and my time spent in Bulgaria passed quickly. In my opinion 6 months seems too short. My mission was to animate the morning of the guests of the Pazardjik Daily center, all with disabilities. It was for me the best part and the most precious. I took a big pleasure to try to bring them happiness day after day while I had never worked with people with disabilities in the past.

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