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продължителност: 8 месеца / 05.05.2011 - 05.12.2011/

Финансиращ орган: НЦЕМПИ Програма „Младежта в действие“
Дейност 1.2 – Младежки инициативи

logo_0071The project “Volunteer 007” was aimed at informing the local community about what being a volunteer means.
It helped to set up a mediation system between organizations who are looking for volunteers and people who want to be involved in voluntary work.
The Focus Center created a database in which an interest in volunteering can register and find many different organizations and institutions which host volunteers.
The future volunteers have been provided with trainings courses to improve their abilities and inner resources, and have received guidance on how to make their own interests, needs and possibilities fit into volunteering.

az sam s tebThe name of the project relates to the encounter between a volunteer from Armenia, hosted by Focus Association, and the town of Pazardjik (Bulgaria).
The main objective was taking part in the life and activities of the association; the volunteer fulfilled all the tasks planned and acquired new knowledge, skills and competence through a non-formal educational process.


dbeThe project “Different, but equal”, held by the Focus-Centre for Development, was financed within the programme from small grants “Mission is possible”. The programme was carried out by “Thirst for life” Association (Sliven).
The main objective of the project was to change the social attitude towards some underprivileged social groups belonging to the Romany community of the area of Pazardjik, in particular prostitutes, drug abusers, homosexuals.
Throughout this project, the Focus Center aims at increasing sensitivity towards the issue of acceptance and integration of these social groups in  society in order to build new social relationships without discrimination.

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