Project - “Youth can do it!”-completed

As partner organisation of the project “Youth can do it!”, NGO Focus – European center for development and NGO NAVIGATOR from Pazardjik, Bulgariatook part on the final seminar of this initiative that was hosted in Vitoria (Spain) from the 30/06/2014 to 05/07/2014 and that joined together young people, youth technicians and politicians responsible of youth policies at local level from the three partner countries (Bulgaria, Italy and Spain).

During the seminar, young participants had the opportunity of showing their youth initiatives proposed during the previous stages of the project and uploaded on the project site (, meanwhile they enjoyed a constant intercultural exchange among them. Furthermore, thanks to the participation of politicians related to the field of youth and sent by the partner organisations of the project, young participants and leaders were able to take part in round tables about youth participation on their regions and to transmit to their democratic leaders their expectations and ideas about the inclusion of youth on their communities. Besides this, different workshops about European institutions, the European Parliament and its last elections were carried out in order to increase the European citizenship of those attending the seminar and improve their knowledge about the European Union and its democratic processes. The seminar was completed with an official reception on the municipality of Vitoria by its polititical representatives and different intercultural activities to get to know the traditions and history, not only of this city (Vitoria) but also of the countries involved on the event. This activity was considered as the final public event of “Youth can do it!”, a project developed by “Bitartean Jolasean – Entretanto Entretente” (Spain) together with other five partner organisations from Spain (Ayuntamiento de Alzira – IDEA), Bulgaria (Association FOCCEN and NAVIGATOR) and Italy (Comune di Larino and Regione Molise) within the Youth in Action programme and its action 1.3 for Youth Democracy Projects. The main objective of this project is to promote the democratic identity of young people from the three partner countries in order to increase their participation within the European Parliament elections that took place in May 2014 meanwhile they improve their local communities thanks to a virtual tool for the development of social initiatives ( that will be also used to disseminate within the next months the final results of the project. Focused on the idea of democratic participation, “Youth can do it!” does not only allow its participants to learn more about how the European institutions and its elective processes work, but also to participate on an active way in different activities created to improve the systems for youth on their communities through a process that will involve different actors within this field.