Focus`s Parents

Project: "Focus`s Parents"
Financer: Workshop for Civic Initiatives - WCIF
Period: 03/01/2012 - 06/03/2012
Association "Focus - European Center for Development" - Pazardzhik launched a project "Parents Focus" under the "Community Development and Citizenship" Fund "People Decide" 6 WCIF. The project duration is 5 months (01.03.2012 - 06.03.2012) and will take place in the city of Pazardzhik.


The main objective of this project is to create an environment and conditions in which the parents of 60 children with physical and mental disabilities attending a day center for people with disabilities can seek help, advice, decision or support for their domestic, emotional, health or legal problems. To be adopted not only their children, but themselves in the society. Not to be isolated and that are not emotionally neglected by their environment. To be tolerant is not accepted as different, but as equals. To highlight the problems that parents of children with disabilities, difficulties encountered in the process of upbringing face evryday.
The project will be conducted with several trainings for parents of children with disabilities and professionals working with people with disabilities. It will be conducted in groups and mutual support, thematic meetings and discussions, awareness campaigns among the local community and last but not least will be issued a collection of parents for parents - small guide to help parents of children with disabilities. Participation in the project will take more than 60 parents of children with disabilities and over 20 professionals working in services.
The estimated impact of this project is raising awareness among the public about the fate, life, tribulations and barriers faced by parents whose children have disabilities. Acquiring new skills and competencies of 100 parents of children with disabilities participating in various project activities. Increased as parental competence and competence of professionals working with disabled people in the town of Pazardzhik.wcif logo