I'm whit you, be with me - 2

Project: „I'm whit you, be with me – 2“
Founded by: National Centre for Youth Initiatives, within the programme “Youth in Action”
Action 2: European volunteer service

Duration of the project: 05.01.2011 - 05.09.2011


The name of the project relates to the encounter between the four volunteers from the Focus Association and the town of Pazardjik (Bulgaria).
The volunteers are from France, Croatia, Austria and Italy. They will take part in educational activities and provide pedagogical services.
 Their role and tasks will be decided according to their abilities and skills.
The volunteers will always work under the supervision of a tutor or a rehabilitation therapist.

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The volunteers will have the possibility to present their own country and culture through cooking their traditional food, preparing for small exhibitions or slide-shows and other activities.
They will take part in educational and instructive activities, such as helping people with disabilities in making handcrafted pottery, cards, paper panels and so on.
They will accompany them to visit civic institutions, museums and other public places, to go to the theater and cinema etc.
They will attend to their daily needs, such as personal hygiene, meals and getting dressed.
They will celebrate the Bulgarian festivities in the Daily Center for people with disabilities and take part in events organized by the association.
They will plan activities to improve their leisure time, such as drawing, painting, playing and listening to some music, excursions and so on.
Finally the volunteers will have the possibility to develop their own project, in accordance with the purposes and actions of the association and the Daily Center.