European vision and new possibilities

The Focus-European Centre for Development is a newly established non-government organization, which arranges partnerships to realize projects within the Youth in Action Programme.
Focus members met some representatives of the Republic of Macedonia in Pazardjik, Bulgaria. Here they exchanged methods of good practice and shared their knowledge on working with people who live in unequal life conditions, on people with disabilities, and above all, on how to carry out a project.
The members of Focus presented their own country and its culture and introduced their partner to their objectives, activities and to all the staff of the organization.


They also presented theYouth in Action Programme, its priorities and the possibilities it offers to young people.
The meeting has enriched both, both professionally and personally and has helped to take a step towards the acquisition of a practical knowledge and to arrange long-lasting partnerships
The project “ European vision and new possibilities” brings more possibilities of successful partnerships to both teams.
Countries which took part in the project: Bulgaria and Macedonia.