The project “Start-up Explorers”

Association Focus is a partner in an innovating project under KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices -Capacity Building in the field of Youth.
The project “Start-up Explorers” is a project initiated by 6 non-profit organisations (3 European and 3 Latin American) to encourage the cooperation between European & Latin American NGOs and skill up human capital from NGOs (youth workers) by providing quality entrepreneurial education instruments, supports the employability of NEETs and enhance the international dimension of youth activities.During the project we will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices between youth workers who works in different entrepreneurial ecosystems, create training curricula in entrepreneurship education for young people, discover how to facilitate the youth transition from school to work and adult life. In the same time, youth workers can help young people to make informed decisions, after they see the big picture: the advantages and drawback of entrepreneurship. The NGOs involved in the project will develop a new tool for experiential education in the field of entrepreneurship with a 4 steps cycle project:

Every Ending is Always a New Beginning - EVS

by Silvia Trapiella Lopez

And the day came to put an end to this wonderful year. If I have to be honest I had started writing this article a month ago ... but it was supposed to be another step towards the end ... so as always at the last minute I do it.  It is very difficult to summarize in a few words all the experiences, emotions and feelings experienced in a normal year, so a year of Evs will not be easy, but neither will it be impossible, so let's go there!I do not know where to start, but I remember the first day as if it were yesterday, those nerves of how everything would be, the apartment, the city, the flatmates, the project ... etc.

Understand To learn more… EVS

by Héloise Chfray

23th of September 2018, Pazardjik, Bulgaria,time of thinking and leaving…
After one year of EVS, i realize that when a door is closing, an other is opening. EVS is the door in your life that if you decide to open can change your life : I did it and my life will be never the same.
Volunteering is something extremely simple. You stop to don’ t just look yourself but everywhere around you. It is not necessary to know everything ,  to bring too much informations because  you will forget the meaning of EVS.

EVS « Take opportunities »

by Estelle Berthelot

One year ago I was starting this EVS project in Pazardjik and the organisation was asking us “What is your motor?” -“Take opportunities” was my answer and if I had to answer the same question today again, I would say the same, adding that Life is discoveries, joy, a mixture of feelings, beautiful coincidences but mostly - life is you and what you do with it. I will always remember what Ivo told us during the first meeting : “I open a doors for you, it's up to you to cross them or not”. And it's true. We were  a lot of volunteers starting in the same time for the same project with the same conditions but each of us have lived a totally different experience because all of us were coming for different reasons. After all working all together for the happiness of this lovely people who were giving us much more that what we were giving to them.

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