center_volenteersOn 09/18/2010, in Pazardzhik, NGO "Focus - European Center for Development" open a Center for volunteers. The center is funded and realization of the project "Workshop for Civic Initiatives." Objective, which sets out to achieve is informing the public about local volunteering and voluntary work and recruit volunteers to assist in the implementation of various sub-activities.

Project period: 01.08 - 30.03.2010
The project is funded under the "Community development and participation" Fund "People Decide" - "Workshop for Civic Initiatives."

The project aims at establishing a center for volunteers whose main purpose is to inform the local community about the nature of volunteering and voluntary work. Venue:  Pazardzhik, Bulgaria; Activities: Creating a Center for Volunteer and implementation of a number of sub-activities.

Association "Focus - European Center for Development" by the Ministry of work and Social Policy, Social Assistance Agency – Received the Certificate of Registration to provide social service "Mobile Center for Rehabilitation and Social Integration". The service takes place on the territory of Pazardzhik and is free for all citizens over 18 years.

Сдружение „Фокус – Европейски център за развитие” е акредитирана организация от Национален център „Европейски младежки програми и инициативи” – Програма „Младежта в действие”, да бъде посрещаща и изпращаща организация на доброволци по Дейност 2 – Европейска доброволческа служба. Сдружението има личен опит в сферата на доброволческата служба, в лицето на нейният Председател, който лично е участвал по Програма „Младежта в действие” като доброволец в екологичен проект за краткосрочен период в Португалия.

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