I really do not know how to begin, it always difficult for me to say goodbye where ever I find myself. It is more difficult for me to say goodbye to the wonderful place that I had been staying for one whole year,  and more so very difficult to say goodbye to my wonderful hosting organization “Focus-European center for development", my adorable volunteers, my most cherished clients of daily center , my lovely Bulgarian friends and finally my boss Ivaylo and his family. My one year EVS in Bulgaria, has been one of the best experiences in my life. Before coming to Bulgaria, I never had any sort of expectation, I just wanted to help and contribute in my small way to make the world a better place for someone that I never know or had any kind of relation with in my life. I must confess here that, my family and friends were all worried when I first told them about my idea of coming to Bulgaria for a whole year to do EVS. Their main concerns were; I did not know anyone in Bulgaria, also I did not have any friends or family in Bulgaria. Aside that I was also a little bit worried about all the bad news I read on the internet about Bulgaria. Despite all these worrisome anxieties, I finally decided to come to Bulgaria for my EVS and I am very happy and glad that I did not listened to friends, family and opinions of people about Bulgaria, as it all turn out that, Bulgaria is actually a lovely country with lovely people.




Най-вероятно по-голямата част от читателите ще откриете, че Живите книги са хора като теб и мен. Но по различни причини те са подложени на стереотипи и предразсъдъци. Те са отворени да споделят кои са те и какъв опит имат. Живата библиотека ще ви срещне с пет различни книги. Всяка книга е лице, което е избрало да бъде обществен представител на определена група.  Всички, които обичат да четат и да откриват нови светове, ще имат възможност да се срещнат с личности, представители на различни общности.

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