Младежка банка - ПазарджикАНКЕТА
Ние от екипа на Младежка Банка – Пазарджик се обръщаме към всички Вас – малки и големи, за да Ви попитаме на кого, колко и защо.Ние сме млади ентусиасти, които искат да помогнат на други млади хора, а те да помогнат на всички в квартала, в града, в областта.За това имаме нужда от Вашата помощ. Молим Ви да бъдете съпричастни към нашата инициатива и да отговорите на няколко кратки въпроса, свързани с даряването, за да можем да бъдем по-ефективни и продуктивни и да отговорим на нуждите на обществото като цяло. Предварително Ви благодарим за отделеното време и подкрепа! Анкетата можете да попълните тук.

onurFrom Cankkale to Pazardjik - EVS for 2 months!
by Onur Dura

Hı! My name is Onur Duran and I am 24 years old. I am from Cankkale. I have graduated from Uludag University and the department of advertising. I am a volunteer. I took part in many project before coming to Bulgaria. I am a person who loves to help people.I was really glad when I learned that I accepted the project. During two months I recognize a new country,new cultures and new friends.My trip started really funny. When I got on the plane at the Atatürk AirPort in İstanbul,the weather was so good (this was my first plane trip). There were twenty degrees. Subsequently, pilot made announ cements while aircraft landing in passing that Sofia is snowy and minus one degrees. My life might be change like that at one hour!

batyMy 2 Months EVS in Bulgaria

by Batuhan Ahiskalioglu

Hello from my last days in Pazardjik, Bugaria. My name is Batuhan Ahiskalioglu and I am from Turkey. It is really hard to begin my article, because it wasn’t just a 2 months project for me. This project really changed too many things in my life. It gave me too many oppurtunities to learn, to discover, to improve myself. 
My first days weren’t so easy because this was my first time in abroad. But thanks to “Focus-European Center for Development”, it has been easier than I thought. They took me from airport to the volunteers apartment and show me everywhere in the city. I met with my flatmates in my first day and after that point, I started to enjoy my project. All of the people were amazing; in my flat, in my project and ofcourse my mentors and dear president Ivaylo.

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The postcard contest form part of the international project called GLOBAL PLACE: Global Partnership for Learning, Acting, Creating and Educating involving 17 partners from 16 different countries: Spain, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, France, Vietnam, India, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand, Kenya, Malawi, Nicaragua and Peru in order to achieve together the following goals:

Strengthen a network of organizations with common vision on volunteers exchange and sustainable development,

Create a response to the post-2015 development agenda in the sphere of youth,

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