My experience as a volunteer in Focus.

Jump from Thailand to Bulgaria

by Nontasit Krongsanan

I am from Thailand and 20 years, came to Bulgaria as a volunteer for 3 months period, I have been studying in university, but I decided to drop a semester to do something differently, then I was searching on Google as a simple word “What to do”, afterward I found volunteer organization in Thailand, they have several connection with long-term volunteer’s activity.
In the first place, I had 3 choices, Italy, Romania, and Bulgaria, then I would have asked my German friend a recommendation, He told me Bulgaria is the best choice to go, another reason, Thai people do not know about Bulgaria, There is only a thing they know is Yogurt, after a month, I got visa, unfortunately, It was just issued for 3 months for being there.

МБ- Пазарджик обявява за втори път тази година конкурс за финансиране на младежки проекти. Конкурса по програма „НОВО НАЧАЛО“ , фонд „Младежка банка – Пазарджик“, дава шанс на граждани и институции да заявяват своята идея за реализиране на инициатива насочена към местната общност.
Конкурсът се явява още средство за информираност на дейността на МБ, на дарителския механизъм изграден към организацията, на проекта и финансиращия орган. Конкурсът е отворен без ограничения и проява на дискриминация. Всички условия за кандидатстване са публикуване в секция – Младежка банка, конкурси.  Краен срок за подаване на проектни предложения е 17 Декември 2015 година. Конкурсът дава възможност на местната общност да реализира проекти от обществено значение.
Проектите ще стартират с начална дата 01.01.2016. Продължителност на всяка една инициатива трябва да бъде не повече от 3 месеца. За повече информация ни пишете на: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My internship in Focus

Hi my name is Flavio, I would like to share in this letter my personal experience and thoughts as my internship in Pazardjik, Bulgaria is now over. It was a great experience since the 3rd of August, when I arrived in Sophia, a great city I´ve never been before. Anyway, found the way in the train station and took the first train to Pazardjik. It reminded me of Albania because of slow but friendship-building trains. It was a Bulgarian guy who I met, that helped me to reach the center of the city from the train station with bus. So, after that I met other generous and friendly people who directed me to the house I remember having one of the best month. An experience, the first one, never to forget!


Hello my name is Roberta, after months in Pazardjik ,I have the chance to write something which is difficult, but I'll try to give my testimony of this extraordinary experience of mine to everyone. Pazardjik is a small sparkling city in the heart of Bulgaria, charming and full of energy, smelling of smoke from the chimneys in the winter. There are things to do there and are something for all tastes; Cultural life in nearby Sofia, excursions, nightlife, Sunday walks in the park, concerts. Fear and excitement: the mixture that has accompanied me during my experience. The fear that often blocks the ability to get out there where we live making us put roots in our certainties, preventing to see what is outside the routine. The excitement, the desire to know.

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