Why going on an EVS /European voluntary service/ will change your life forever!

Most people, when they decide to travel, are thinking about holidays: palm beaches, nice fresh mountain air, maybe a cocktail with a little umbrella in it. People treat travelling as an escape route from their “real” life. Little do they understand that life does not begin or end with a holiday. Why not live a bit more when travelling?

Младежка Банка – Пазарджик обявява конкурс за плакат на тема „Тормозът спира до тук“. Конкурсът е дейност по проектът „Не на насилието в училище“. В срок до 25.02.2016 всички ученици на възраст между 13 и 19 години могат да изпращат своите проекти-плакати изработени чрез програми за графично оформление на e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Плакатите ще бъдат публикувани във Фейсбук. По този начин всички потребители на социалната мрежа ще харесват плакатите. Комисия ще избере трите най-добри плакати в зависимост от броя харесвания и качеството на изработка. Наградите за най-сполучливите плакати ще бъдат– 1-ва награда: цифрова рамка за снимка; 2-ра награда – USB памет; 3-та награда – участие в международен обмен.

My Vietnam Experience - job shadowing

by Maria Sefterska

My name is Maria and I from Bulgaria. I work as a project coordinator in association Focus –European Center for Development. Thanks to project GLOBAL PLACE I spent 3 weeks in Vietnam for a job shadowing project. I stayed in a comfortable apartment provided by hosting organization – SJ Vietnam in the capital of the country – Hanoi. For me this was the first time out of Europe, first contact with culture so different from mine. Let’s describe this experience chronologically. The first thing that shocked me was the traffic. In this country people drive mainly scooters and the scooters are everywhere on the pedestrian street, on the pavement, believe me everywhere.

JOB Shadowing - Thailand

By Ivaylo Ivanov

I am Ivo from association Focus – European Center for Development and I was a job-shadower in Songkhla Thailand. I spent 3 weeks there observing working process in Asian reality. My proje ct included work in a zoo, universities and temples, teaching English at a school. This was probably the most interesting and useful project in my life, because I became familiar with a completely different culture and I discovered new working approaches. I saw how many responsibilities NGOs in Thailand have and how many serious they solve because the government is not able to do it.

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