6 months/ From France to Pazardjik, Bulgaria

One day I did the choice to have an unique experience and like this have the opportunity to change my life, I found this chance in my EVS in Focus organisation. Six month ago, I arrived in Bulgaria with a lot of hope and fears, and I had only one desire, to make progress in everything: in languages, in communication and confidence in myself. The thing who scared me when I arrived was the language barrier that I thought I could not cross it, but thanks to Bulgarian courses, that all long-terms had the chance to follow, we were able to communicate with he guest, while using mainly simple words but enough to understand and understand each other.

6 months/ From France to Pazardjik, Bulgaria

I arrived in october 2016 for an EVS of 6 months which is now finished. I had started this experience with the desire to put myself to the test, to make discoveries and to become rich in a human point of view. I’m not disappointed! My volunteering was a real chance and my time spent in Bulgaria passed quickly. In my opinion 6 months seems too short. My mission was to animate the morning of the guests of the Pazardjik Daily center, all with disabilities. It was for me the best part and the most precious. I took a big pleasure to try to bring them happiness day after day while I had never worked with people with disabilities in the past.

12 months EVS / From Italy to Pazardjik, Bulgaria

Do your EVS. This is my advice after finish mine. I can try to say everything about my experience here in Bulgaria, 12 month in Pazardjik. But it will not be enough to understand me. I arrived here without know english, with a lot of fears and expectations. I was so nervous in the begining and I only wanted do two things: work and improve my english. But in the end I did one hundred things! This country gave me so many chances and if I wanted to take all I had to change. One of the more important things that I did in the beginning was to take my shyness. and after I started doing everything that made me curious.

9 months EVS/ From Poland to Pazardjik, Bulgaria

By the time anyone will read this, my nine months EVS in Pazardzhik are going to be finished. So it's time to summarise this amazing time. When I came to Pazardzhik I didn't know what should I expect, what to do in my life and I had no idea how to survive those months! And yet, here I am, few days before departure... Completely different person with an idea for life, ready to be crazy, open minded, travel more, discover... It's almost impossible to write all those things that I have learnt here, but I can write the most important ones. Everybody know what is our work as volunteers – daily center. When I think about it, I realise that, working there is just a background for discovering things about myself that I didn't know (or even though about) before. I've met hundreds of crazy people from different countries.

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