12 months EVS / From Italy to Pazardjik, Bulgaria

Do your EVS. This is my advice after finish mine. I can try to say everything about my experience here in Bulgaria, 12 month in Pazardjik. But it will not be enough to understand me. I arrived here without know english, with a lot of fears and expectations. I was so nervous in the begining and I only wanted do two things: work and improve my english. But in the end I did one hundred things! This country gave me so many chances and if I wanted to take all I had to change. One of the more important things that I did in the beginning was to take my shyness. and after I started doing everything that made me curious.

9 months EVS/ From Poland to Pazardjik, Bulgaria

By the time anyone will read this, my nine months EVS in Pazardzhik are going to be finished. So it's time to summarise this amazing time. When I came to Pazardzhik I didn't know what should I expect, what to do in my life and I had no idea how to survive those months! And yet, here I am, few days before departure... Completely different person with an idea for life, ready to be crazy, open minded, travel more, discover... It's almost impossible to write all those things that I have learnt here, but I can write the most important ones. Everybody know what is our work as volunteers – daily center. When I think about it, I realise that, working there is just a background for discovering things about myself that I didn't know (or even though about) before. I've met hundreds of crazy people from different countries.

Training Course in Zadar, Croatia
“Leading the intercultural dialogue in our projects for better acceptance of diversity in society”
Zadar, Croatia; 23-30.10.2016.
The core activity of the project was an 8 days long training course. It was held in Zadar, from the 23rd until the 31st of October 2016. The project gathered 29 participants, trainers and staff from 10 organisations and countries (Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, France, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and Slovakia).
The project targeted youth workers willing to promote and lead quality inclusion and intercultural dialogue in projects and communities and who are willing to improve intercultural learning/dialogue in their organisations’ activities for a more inclusive society that accepts diversity around us.


Младежка банка – Пазарджик и Сдружение „Фокус – Европейски център за развитие“ търси млади и мотивирани младежи на възраст от 18 до 30 години, които искат да се занимават с дарителство, с младежка политика и да организират събития с цел събиране на средства.

Хей, мислиш ли че всеки ден всичко е едно и също. Имаш ли чувството, че живота се търкаля а ти не можеш да го догониш. Чудиш ли се често какво да правиш. Нямаш работа, не учиш в университет. Това е твоя шанс, твоята възможност.

Възползвай се да бъдеш част от екипа на Младежка банка – Пазарджик.

Не се колебай, пиши ни и стани един от нас!

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