Young people from seven countries met in Telšiai to promote intercultural dialogue; tolerance and respect for human rights

Today we talk a lot about the integration of people with disabilities into society, but how about our community - is it ready to accept people with disabilities, will they be able to communicate with them? According to statistics, nearly 10 percent of the world population has a disability. Many adults have grown up in a time when the image of a society without disabilities was created. Today the situation is changing, but not enough. This intolerance to disable people creates barriers and stereotypes, makes discrimination, when people suffer bullying because of skin color, gender identity, disability, and religion.

The idea of the project came from the project organizers, the Telšiai Deaf and Hard of Hearing Society, working with young people with hearing disabilities. In schools, students mock a child with a disability, and this integration only causes stress, fear, and psychological stress. It is very hard to find a job for people with disabilities and integrate into society. The first attempt to develop communication skills among healthy and disabled youth was in 2018 during youth exchange ”Photo Talking”. Participants surprised everyone by staying separate from one another in the beginning of the project, but at the end of the week they became good friends and also created new, unusual ways of communication. This led to the idea of organizing youth exchanges not only for the deaf but also for young people with other disabilities.

Seminar "Religious Tolerance in Common Europe" took place in Rezekne, Latvia. The project lasted 7 days from 21st till 27th  May 2019. EA "World - Our Home" hosted 36 participants from 17

youth organizations from 15 program and neighboring countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Macedonia, Romania, Turkey, Azerbajdzan, Armenia, Israel, Jordan, Georgia, Russian Federation and Ukraine.

The main aim of the project was to broaden the horizons and knowledge of religions and religious dialogue and tolerance among youth workers and youth leaders.

This seminar promoted the dialogue between participants about different religions in the European Union and neighboring countries and how to ensure religious tolerance among different nationalities. All participants represented youth organizations and this is very important for organizations working with young people to fight against intolerance, discrimination, violence, terrorism so that we can live in a peaceful and tolerant world in the future.

Training course for youth workers on entrepreneurial skills
Vatra Dornei, Romania
03.05.2019 - 13.03.2019
Association “Focus – European Center for Development” took part in a training course that was held in Vatra Dornei, Romania from 03.05.2019 to 13.03.2019. The hosting organization from Romania D.G.T. Association has partners from six countries including Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Italy and Bulgaria. The topic of the training was on skills connected to entrepreneurship education, a part of the project “Start – up explorers 01.12.2018 – 31.12.2020”. Each country and organization had 3 participants to take part in that training. As well as different discussions and seminars on related topics there was also a visit to several local entrepreneurs, who shared their experience and answered questions. The participants exchanged their experience and good practice also related to young entrepreneurs from their countries.


Младежки обмен

Сдружение „Фокус – Европейски център за развитие“ реализира проектът « РАВЕН ШАНС ЗА УСПЕХ - EQUAL CHANCE FOR SUCCESS » в периода 29.03.2019 – 07.04.2019. В него участват 45 младежи от 9 държави. Дейностите се провеждат в Пазарджик, България. Участниците в обмена споделят и откроиват някои основни проблеми и пречки пред които са изправени в процес на търсене и кандидатстване за работа. Работят в екип и повишават редица умения и компетенции, свързани с търсене, намиране и кандидатстване за работа.

Проектът е финансиран по Програма Еразъм+ ключова дейност КА1 ОБРАЗОВАТЕЛНА МОБИЛНОСТ, СЕКТОР МЛАДЕЖ - Младежки обмен.

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