Hello my name is Roberta, after months in Pazardjik ,I have the chance to write something which is difficult, but I'll try to give my testimony of this extraordinary experience of mine to everyone. Pazardjik is a small sparkling city in the heart of Bulgaria, charming and full of energy, smelling of smoke from the chimneys in the winter. There are things to do there and are something for all tastes; Cultural life in nearby Sofia, excursions, nightlife, Sunday walks in the park, concerts. Fear and excitement: the mixture that has accompanied me during my experience. The fear that often blocks the ability to get out there where we live making us put roots in our certainties, preventing to see what is outside the routine. The excitement, the desire to know.


Association “Focus - European Centre for Development " is one of the partner organization in project OVPELO “Optimisation of Validation Process of EVS Learning Outcomes” that brings together 7 partners from Italy, Spain, Poland, Greece, Romania, France and Bulgaria. Project duration is:01/09/2014 - 31/08/2016 (24 months). Partners: YouNet (Italy), Association Focus-European center for development (Bulgaria), Asociación Cazalla Intercultural (Spain), Semper Avanti (Poland), Koinoniki Anaptyksi Neon / Social Youth Development (Greece), Asociatia Nevo Parudimos (Romania), Pistes Solidaires (France). Project is funded under the programme “Erasmus+ Key Action 2 - Strategic Partnership in the youth sector”.


Youth Exchange in Turkey. This was the project “A new life/a new future”, which finish last week. Project was in Kırşehir, Turkey from 07-14.06.2015. Funded under the Programme “Erasmus+”. The project helped to destroy the cultural fear, raise awareness of entrepreneurship and social responsibility, endear sports to teenage, enable to understand concept of healthy life with sport and improve the cultural handcraft. In the project were involved teenagers who were able to improve their skills about communication and entrepreneurship. The project provided to people to be entrepreneurial, awareness of their rights, to be active in their life.
Partner countries: Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Romania

Спомняте ли си от миналата година какво е „Младежка Банка - Пазарджик“? Ако не, време да Ви припомним. Млади хора отпускат кредити на млади хора, само че без лихвено и без връщане. Как става това ли? Първо трябва да си младеж на възраст между 15 и 25 години, да живееш в Пазарджик или региона и най-важното трябва да имаш идея, но не каква да е идея, а такава, която ще промени не само твоя живот, но и живота на целия квартал, град или дори цялата област.

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