Training Course in Zadar, Croatia

Training Course in Zadar, Croatia
“Leading the intercultural dialogue in our projects for better acceptance of diversity in society”
Zadar, Croatia; 23-30.10.2016.
The core activity of the project was an 8 days long training course. It was held in Zadar, from the 23rd until the 31st of October 2016. The project gathered 29 participants, trainers and staff from 10 organisations and countries (Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, France, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria and Slovakia).
The project targeted youth workers willing to promote and lead quality inclusion and intercultural dialogue in projects and communities and who are willing to improve intercultural learning/dialogue in their organisations’ activities for a more inclusive society that accepts diversity around us.

•To share realities and experiences with discrimination, exclusion and marginalization of different groups (including migrants and refugees) in different European communities/countries
•To explore and promote intercultural acceptance of diversity and respect of Fundamental / Human Rights in Europe
•To increase participants’ ability to deeply understand and empathise with different socially excluded and marginalised groups in our communities
•To promote intercultural dialogue as an instrument in acquiring the knowledge and aptitudes for dealing with a more open and more complex environment
•To enable participants to develop and lead quality youth work projects which contribute to intercultural dialogue and acceptance of diversity in communities
•To further develop their competences in communication, conflict transformation and teamwork for quality leadership and facilitation of intercultural dialogue in intercultural youth work
•To introduce the Erasmus+ Youth in Action programme and to develop new projects and future European level cooperation among partners with the topic of intercultural dialogue Hosting organization: Association for improvement of modern living skills "Realization", Croatia; Website: This project is funded by European Commission through Erasmus+ programme, Key action: Learning Mobility of Individuals; Action: Mobility of learners and staff; Action type: Youth mobility.

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