Sulav Aryal the boy from Nepal

sulav2Sulav Aryal the boy from Nepal - EVS in Bulgaria

''Snap", you heard it right. That was the sound of my two months stay passing by, like snap of my fingers, like whizzing Pazardjik breeze. We went to Park Island today. Went to see the clock and saw the broken clock. That broken clock was for me a metaphor, like somebody here tried to stop the time for me, but of course good times come to an end and change is the only constant. So I leave. I leave with a sense of satisfaction and lots of riches. Riches in the form of best of memories and lifelong friends. Let me reflect back on the times I spent here. Boy, I tell you these were best times of my life for sure.

First thing I noticed was how easy going our boss was Ivo, more a friend then a boss, always concerned about his volunteers a compassionate human being. More you know him and his story more you like him. I think world needs more people like him to be a better place to live.

Back in my country I only worked with children. Working with disabled people here in Bulgaria gave me a new perspective. I can proudly saw I am a more considerate, empathic person now than I ever have been before. I will always remember Ahmet as a good friend and a person with humility, ever helpful to a friend in need. He helped me a lot to adjust in new environment when I just arrived. For him I wish he finds his Zen. Muhammed my roommate for 2 months was a best roommate I didn’t ask for. We lived like true brothers. He was like a brother from another mother. We shopped together, cooked together, ate together, sang and danced together and went to bed together.

Don’t worry Matthew I know what you would think when I say this, but believe me we went to the separate bed. From Matthew I learned to open up. Yes I know I need to work on it more but I think I am more relaxed now then I was before. I tried to pick of from him, his sociable nature, no pressure with talking with new people. A charmer, a male equivalent of a social butterfly. As a people person I think he can have lots of good jobs in the field of public relations as witnessed in our meeting with rotary people. You are smart, perfecto, you have a bright future. I see it like a panorama.

Seda, Begum and Onur will always have a special place in my heart. We spent a lot of time travelling together in Bulgaria. Varna, Burgas, Nessabar, Plovdiv, the train rides I will cherish them all my life. I even picked some Turkish words because of them like aynnan and ekmek. Singing in the middle of street without caring in the night, Jupiter, moon and the susi, I wish could turn the time back and enjoy it some more. I hope to one day come to turkey and meet you guys again. I saw Batun as an ever helpful intelligent and talented guy. I have seen his passion for learning I can tell you this guy is going to go places.

Roberta, I will miss you. I got a lots of glimpse and insights of Europe from you. You are so full of life and so passionate about the things you do, about your work and things in general. I admire you more for your quality. Also keep the polyglot in you alive and burning. Francesco, you are a lucky guy, please keep her happy. I saw in David a cool friend I always wanted to have. Relaxed and easy going all the time. I like the way he thinks and the way he lives his life. I will try to emulate him back home. More David than a boring Sulav. For Sulav, back home lives in a cocoon always protected living under a false sense of security. However cliché it may sound it to you guys but this EVS project changed me in many ways and for better. There I said it.

I can’t believe stupid me forgot to check facebook at the last minute to say good bye to Karina when she went back to Argentina. I hope she will be successful in whatever she wants to become and do in her life. It was very nice to know you Karina.

Maria, Dimi, Bori, Petko, I will remember you all very much for all the help that you have provided to me during my stay to make my stay more comfortable and beautiful. New volunteers Arzum, Meriyen and Elif I haven’t spent lot of time with you guys but I wish for your successful evs project here in Pazardjik. I spent two days going to places with Elif so far and I can see that she is full of life. A very sweet girl with a very bright future. Elif your smile is infectious, keep smiling like that and be the best you want to be.

Ok few sentences more and I will stop this boring essay now I promise. I want you guys to remember both good and bad Sulav for bad Sulav was also part of the package and because memories of bad after taste last longer. We tend to forget good things more quickly. I want to remain in your hearts and minds for a bit longer. I am a bit selfish you see. Roberta please don’t forget the extra 30 minutes I made you wait in the mothers apartment. Ahmet remember the time I said I can’t cook nothing. David remember the oh! my god in washing machine, Mattew my nigga you will always owe me 3 levs remember? in Planeta. Finally, Ivo, keep the focus bright and shining, we shall meet again someday. Oh! I almost forgot to tell you about the big black spot in one pot made by the burnt milk in Nepal night. Almost looks like Nepal map. Remember me every time you see it.

Namaste and a big hug to everybody
Sulav Aryal the boy from Nepal